Warning System and Signaling Device


Responding to the needs of the emergency warning industry, the design and development of a wide range of high quality visual and audible innovative products are essential for safer vehicle operation. Lighting is essential to productivity due to different environmental requirements. There is also the relationship between lighting and human and vehicle performance. When it comes to lighting needs, there are thousands of possible applications, each application requires the same rigorous demands for durability, versatility and power. We represent a full range of lighting and safety technology products designed for every application. Our products from reputable manufacturers - Whelen, Woodway, Grote and Golight - will meet the most extreme conditions.
Whelen - Emergency Warning Systems and Signaling Devices
Whelen Engineering Company Inc. is the acknowledged leader in the emergency warning industry. It manufactures a wide range of products from single beacons and power supplies to lightbars and complete lighting systems while it strives to fill the need for innovative safety warning systems. Whelen is the only US manufacturer of emergency warning equipment to still manufacture its products entirely in the United States.
Woodway - Emergency Vehicle Equipment Control and Mast Systems
5556Woodway Engineering Ltd is the exclusive licensed manufacturer of Whelen designed equipment for Europe. To compliment the extensive Whelen range, Woodway designs and manufactures their own range of products, including switch panels and control systems, flood lighting and mast systems for emergency vehicles.
Grote - Vehicle Lighting and Safety Systems
Grote Industries Inc. is a world leader in vehicle lighting and safety systems, providing a wide range of components for original equipment manufacturers and the vehicle aftermarket. Products include lamps, emergency lighting, flashers, wiring harness, turn signal switches, reflectors, back-up alarms and connection accessories. Grote - Lighting the Way to the Future.
Golight - Searchlights and Spotlights

Golight Inc. designed, engineered and manufactured remote controlled and handheld revolutionary lighting solutions to meet extreme conditions for automotive lighting applications.  Their searchlights are versatile enough to be added to an existing lightbar or mounted individually to an off-road vehicle.