Oil and Gas - Professional Lighting Products

With more than 160 commercial and industrial lighting products, Ocean's King Lighting Science & Technology Co., Ltd is the leading manufacturer specializing in commercial lighting, industrial lighting and explosion-proof lighting products, providing a comprehensive lighting product line for various industrial and hazardous environments, top grade commercial environments as well as being the only domestic professional lighting supplier of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games venues. The applications for OKTECH Ocean’s King lighting are vast and wide, covering the following industries: Power Transmission ▪ Power Generation ▪ Petroleum ▪ Petrochemical ▪ Railway ▪ Metallurgical ▪ Coal ▪ Public Safety and Fire Fighting ▪ Military ▪ Shipping ▪ Civil Aviation ▪ Stadium Lighting ▪ Machine Manufacturing.
We are privileged to represent Ocean’s King for their range of professional lighting products for oilfield lighting solutions as well as overall lighting system services. By providing customers with easy, reliable, energy-saving and value-worthy products, Ocean’s King satisfies the demands of customers and upgrades brand value.

Petroleum Industry


 Lighting requirements:

  • Safe, reliable and explosion-proof.
  • Fixed or removable lighting for various flammable and hazardous areas.

Petrochemical Industry

 Lighting requirements:

  • Explosion-proof, reliable, easy to install and maintain.
  • Long lifespan and high luminous efficacy.
  • Corrosion-resistant and glare-free.

Typical Installations of OKTECH Ocean’s King Lighting