Mass Notification Warning Systems




 How to warn people of a tornado, hurricane, tsunami, flash flood or chemical release and get the proper response?
The most effective way to warn the public is to issue a siren warning and follow it with a clear, deliberate and powerful voice message. This two-step approach - ALERT and INFORM, will eliminate confusion, restore order and most importantly, save lives. Over 30 years ago Whelen produced the first reliable electronic mass notification product - the first major innovation in public warning in many decades. Today, Whelen offers a family of products that integrates outdoor and indoor warning into a single unified system. These warning products for public and industrial applications are specifically engineered for the emergency warning industry, being voice-capable and able to operate in the absence of electrical power. Whelen is the first name in Mass Notification, with more products installed worldwide than any other manufacturer.

Whelen Mass Notification Products

Whelen Engineering Company Inc. has provided life saving high-power voice and siren warning systems for military, industrial and public situations to effectively trigger human awareness to surrounding dangers and impending natural disasters. Whelen manufactures a full range of public and industrial warning products, including state-of-the-art electronics for every application - campus/student alert, tornado/severe weather warning, hurricane warning, tsunami alert, chemical/industrial facilities, military bases, nuclear  plant protection, community firehouse alert and port protection.

Outdoor High-Power Voice and Siren Warning Systems

To Alert and Inform … with Whelen

The Whelen WPS2900 Series accomplishes this in two ways. One is to Alert - the powerful siren warning and broadcasting tones get the attention of those in danger. The other is to Inform - the voice messages provide live and pre-recorded voice information that describe the emergency and provide safety instructions through omni-directional sirens.

The WPS2900 Series delivers siren warning and broadcasting of unequalled clarity at uniform power levels (1dB) through 360˚. This Series comes in 10 different models ranging in capability from 108dB to 129dB at 100 feet.

Indoor Warning Systems

80Notification and emergency action of those that are indoors can often be just as critical as those outdoors. The Whelen VA2000 Alert Monitor and Message Display provides instant information defining the emergency condition, sounds a piercing alarm, flashs a high intensity LED and displays one of up to 60 pre-programmed messages when activated. Messages remain on display until the unit is reset. The VA2000 extends the reach of a warning system delivering urgent text-based information to homes, schools, hospitals, businesses, industrial facilities, government offices and emergency vehicles.