Fueling Systems



Wiggins Service Systems - The Leader in Fueling Systems since 1967
Work Faster, Cleaner, Safer


Since 1967, operators of heavy off-road equipment have relied on Wiggins Service Systems to provide faster and safer refueling of diesel powered machinery. By 1969, Wiggins Service Systems became a standard for Caterpillar. Today, Wiggins Service Systems are standard factory equipment on most large mining and construction vehicles produced worldwide. With rising costs associated with workers injury, hazardous material remediation and the increasing cost of diesel fuel, the Wiggins Service System is an essential tool for all off-road equipment. Wiggins Service Systems continue to lead the industry with innovative new products such as non-pressurized fast fuel systems. The patented non-pressurized fast fuel systems allow operators to use Wiggins high-flow fueling systems on vehicles with lightweight or composite fuel tanks. Wiggins - the #1 name for FAST - CLEAN - SAFE refueling solutions with aerospace quality and realiability.
As the exclusive agent/distributor for AdelWiggins Group, our Mastra™FILL-SAFE (MFS) Fueling Systems are complete with Wiggins components for fastsafe fueling solutions.

Fuel Receivers - Centralized or External/Remote Mounted

Fuel receivers (with colour poppet options) at a centralized location. It enables oil and major fluids change in just 5 mins instead of some 30 minutes. Fuel receivers can be external or remote mounted, allowing fueling to be completed while operator stands on the ground, meeting OHS requirements.

Fuel Nozzles

ZZ9A1 Fuel Nozzle

  • Fuels at rates up to 150gpm.
  • Lightweight composite.
  • Elasto-dogs do not damage receivers/non-conductive.
 VR301 High Rate Fueling Fuel Nozzle
  • Fuels at rates up to 300gpm.
  • Designed for very large vehicles with tank sizes over 1000 gallons.

Non-Pressurized Fast Fuel Systems

38VR306 Jet Sensor
  • Patented level sensing.
  • Accurate at flow rates from 200 to 340gpm.
  • No moving parts increasing reliability.
  • Does not rely on failure-prone floats, valves or electronics.
  • Allows use on vehicles with lightweight or composite fuel tanks.


 Prevents Fuel Thefts

39antifuelZN2CV Check Valve Receiver
  • Integrated check valve designed to prevent losing fuel from the receiver when the poppet is actuated.
  • Allows replacement of nipple without draining fuel tank provides fuel-theft deterrent.