Product and System

Total Engineering Solutions

PT Mastratech Indonesia believes in the value of providing total engineering solutions to address the needs of our valued customers. From the initial stages of site survey and design, to implementation and maintenance services, we strive to take care of technical details, as well as budget and schedules, to satisfy the most demanding requirements from complex projects.
With our engineering strength and industrial experiences, we are uniquely placed to deliver a full range of innovative and professional solutions. Over the years, we have established and continued to refine our working process to effectively monitor projects progress and ensure top quality engineering solutions.
We believe preventative maintenance is a key industrial technology. For us, this means that problems need to be solved in close cooperation with our customers. It is this approach which require us to provide reliable expertise and professional advice on preventative maintenance solutions, and with its comprehensive product lines, enabling complete engineering solutions to plant machinery and equipment problems. This means guaranteed functioning of our systems based on choice selections of quality and competitive equipment and components to meet every discerning customer.

PT Mastratech Indonesia represents world-renowned brands and imports high and premium quality products. We are exclusive agents/distributors and systems integrators for an extensive range of products and systems:

  • Auto-Lub® Lubrication (MLS) Systems & Material Dispensing Equipment : Bijur (France/Ireland) / Delimon (Germany) / Farval (USA)/ LubeSite (USA) / Easylub (USA)
  • E-ROP® Fire Suppression (MSS)   System : Amerex (USA)
  • Fast-Fuel® Fuelling (MFS) Systems : Wiggins (USA)
  • Mastra® Warning Light (MWL) : Whelen (USA)
  • Mastra® Fluid Cleanliness Filtration (MFC) - Filter Element, Skid, Analyzer, Treatment
  • Texan® & ValSeal® - Specialty Grease and Lubricants : Texan® (USA NLGI member)/ ValSeal®
  • Mass Notification Warning (MNW) : Whelen (USA) / Woodway (UK)
  • Explosion Proof and Industrial Lighting
  • Engineering and Technical Services
We know our customers and their needs. Our extensive experience helps us to identify your particular needs quickly and efficiently. Details of our full range of products and systems are available at with corresponding product links to our principals and manufacturers.