Auto Lubrication Systems - Heavy General Industries

Bearing failure resulting from improper lubrication is a major cause of equipment downtime and unnecessary maintenance costs. The majority of failures are caused by contamination of bushings by dust, dirt and moisture, inadequate lubrication of bearings and over-lubrication of key pivot points. Direct costs resulting from inadequate lubrication can include cost of new replacement bearings, labour to replace these bearings and lost time, and its impact on productivity. On the other hand, indirect costs can include wasted lubricant, safety or housekeeping issues and higher labour costs involving manual lubrication practices.
Bijur Delimon International (BDI) is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of various fluid dispensing products and systems. It offers the widest lubrication systems in the marketplace. These systems range from simple single-point grease feeders to complex automatic systems that dispense oil or grease to hundreds of lubrication points. BDI has a family of lubrication brands that offer products for both light and heavy industry. Each of BDI brands has a long history of industrial success. BDI utilized the experience of each brand to provide the industry’s widest product offering. Regardless if you are looking for Bijur light-industry oil lubricators or Farval dual line valves for use in a steel mill, our brands have the lubrication solution you need. Our brands are:

Bijur - Engineered Lubrication Equipment

89 Principal Products :

  • Single Line Resistance (SLR) and Positive Displacement Injector (PDI) systems.
  • Single line parallel, single line progressive, air/oil, multi line and various special -purpose lubricators and systems including controllers, monitors and gauges.


Delimon - Engineered Lubricating Systems for Specialty Applications

1011Principal Products:

  • High pressure dual line, multi line and single line progressive systems.
  • Oil reclassifying, lube-air lubrication, spray lubrication, oil recirculating, chain conveyor lubrication, gear wheel lubrication systems and crane track lubricators for heavy industry.
  • RAILJET Mobile wheel flange and StaTrack Stationary rail lubrication systems.

Denco Lubrication - Heavy Duty Lubrication Systems

1213Principal Products:

  • Industrial line of centralized lubrication systems.
  • Roll coolant, oil recirculation and water cooling systems.


Farval - Industrial Lubricating Systems for Heavy Industry

1415 Principal Products:

  • Single line parallel, single line progressive, dual line and multi line lubrication systems.
  • Air/oil mix systems, modular measuring valves and controllers.


LubeSite - The Systematic Approach to Single Point Lubrication

1617 Principal Products:

  • Grease feeders.
  • Drip, gravity feed, wick and chain oilers.