Engineering and Technical Services

We believe in the value of providing total engineering solutions to address the needs and demands of our valued customers. With our technical strength and industrial experiences, we are well placed to provide a host of engineering and technical services to support customers’ requirements from site surveys and design aspects to after-sales customer care services. Mastra™SERVICE (MSE) Engineering and Technical Services include:
  • 365 days, 24/7 Maintenance and Service Contracts.
  • Installation, testing and commissioning services.
  • Inspection and feasibility studies of proposed systems and complex projects.
  • Product development and implementation.
  • Custom-engineered systems and integration of preventative maintenance solutions.
Our engineers and technicians are technically and skillfully trained by our principals on a regular basis, both locally as well as at our principals’ overseas manufacturing facilities.

Auto Lubrication and Fire Suppression Systems

Vehicle auto lubrication system  showing a pneumatic driven injector system installed on a motor grader construction equipment. Hydraulic pump station on a dump truck. Stainless steel foam cylinder. Testing and commissioning of system to meet customers’ satisfaction.

Fueling Systems

 Wiggins fueling systems for fastsafe fueling solutions. Reduce fueling time to 5 mins instead of 30 mins. Patented non-pressurized fast fuel systems use no floats, valves or electronic sensors. Most suited for installation on lightweight or composite fuel tanks.

CCTV Camera and Radar Systems

Four-camera CCTV camera system fitted on Komatsu PC3000 at Kalimantan coal mine site provides enhanced views (front, rear and sides) of the equipment’s  peripherals. Increases operator confidence ensuring safety, better damage control and improve productivity.

Conveyor Belt Maintenance Services

matomato2MATO conveyor belt cleaners in action at a cement plant. Belt cleaner systems are designed, installed and commissioned by our Engineering and Technical Services Department.
Oil and Gas - Valve Maintenance Services
Inspection and service of problematic or defective valves in progress at one of PT Pertamina (Persero)’s oil and gas facilities. Special equipment and fittings are used for flushing, lubricating and sealing of valves.