Auto Lubrication Systems - Mining Industry


Inadequate lubrication and bearing contamination are the two biggest contributors to improper lubrication resulting in over 50% of bearing failures causing machine downtime. Automatic lubrication systems can end these conditions associated with point-by-point manual lubrication. Too much lubrication creates safety or environmental hazards while too little lubrication causes bearing friction and wear. By applying a small amount of grease while the equipment is running ensures optimal lubrication to the bearings. The closed system design of an automatic lubrication system keeps dirt and contaminants out allowing for longer bearing life and less downtime.

Mastra® LUB (MLS) Vehicle Auto Lubrication Systems are automatic pre-programmed systems that dispense a measured amount of grease at timed intervals to bearings and other lubrication points. They are custom-engineered for robust mining environment, suitable for tropical to temperate climate with variant humidity. Our systems consist of major components from internationally accredited ISO certified manufacturers, including Bijur, Delimon and Farval - these companies are lubrication brands of Bijur Delimon International (BDI), a global leader in the design and manufacturing of various fluid dispensing products and systems.

Mastra® LUB (MLS) Vehicle Auto Lubrication Systems






Mastra® LUB (MLS) vehicle auto lubrication systems are pre-engineered according to our own engineering design. They provide cost effective solutions for increasing uptime of mining and heavy equipment. There are a number of benefits to using an automatic lubrication system:

  • Prolongs the life of the equipment adding resale value to the vehicle.
  • Dramatic reduction in grease consumption as the precise amount of grease is metered at timed intervals.
  • Increases productivity by eliminating the time spent on lubricating each machine manually.
  • Lowers maintenance costs by reducing repair expenses and grease consumption.
  • Improves safety by eliminating the daily practice of climbing all over the vehicle to lubricate.
  • Receives proper lubrication irrespective of weather condition.

Automatic lubrication systems conserve lubricant and help prevent grease from hitting the ground protecting the environment, save valuable time and make routine maintenance simple.