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How do you know if you are using the right grease? You might be using a high quality grease. You may have put a lot of effort and money into selecting the best quality grease in the pursuit of lubrication excellence. But do not confuse the quality of the lubricant with the quality of the specification. Considering this lubricating oil analogy, the best quality turbine oil would most likely not make a good engine oil.
It is a myth that grease and lubricants from major oil companies are of higher grade and quality. The truth is that not all of these companies produce their own grease and lubricants in-house. Instead they are supplied under their private labels from grease manufacturers. These grease manufacturers custom-blend the final products according to their specification, resulting in customers probably paying a premium for the label or brand. So why pay a higher price and not save?
We can custom-make similar grease products of high and premium quality under your private labels or our own brand names to suit your grease and lubricants’ requirements according to your existing specification with resulting cost savings. As we partner and deal directly with the grease manufacturer, customers are assured of competitive prices as well as our commitment to deliver superior quality products and efficient service.

R & D and Technical Collaboration

In technical collaboration with our grease manufacturer (principal), we are in a position to supply cost-effective and high quality grease and lubricant products to a wide variety of applications as well as the formulation and technical consultation of custom-blend grease (Specialty Grease) to meet customers’ specific requirements under their private labels. Specialty Grease is highly recommended for lubrication of mining and construction equipment as well as drilling, tools and jacking systems where there is a constant presence of elevated stress due to high temperature and high load on the equipment. Our principal is one of the largest custom and private label grease manufacturer in the region and has a capacity of producing more than 7200 metric tonnes of grease per annum.
  • Member and manufacturer of grease according to National Lubricant Grease Institute (NLGI) guidelines.
  • Laboratory with all necessary apparatus for testing, quality control and R & D.
  • Original manufacturer of custom-blend grease and lubricants for reputable oil companies and other grease and lubricants importers under their private labels.
Private Label Specialty Grease
Range of Grease for Automotive and Industry

greaseAluminium ▪ Complex ▪ Anti-Seize Compound Paste ▪ Bentonite ▪ Bentonite Moly ▪ Calcium ▪ Lithium ▪ Lithium 12 HSA ▪ Lithium Complex ▪ Lithium White Moly ▪ Lithium Moly ▪ PTFE ▪ Silicone ▪ Silica ▪ Specialty.